FREE EMP Survival Story 

An EMP hits—would you have what it takes to survive?

To protect your family?

The Morris family has been prepping for years, so when an EMP hits and devastates their city, they’re ready to bug out to the safety of their lodge retreat. But with family members spread out, planes crashing down and a max security prison about to burst, they’re going to need all their prepper skills just to make it out the city alive…

NOTE: This is a gripping story, full of practical prepper information that would be invaluable in a SHTF situation—but it is also a realistic depiction, so be prepared for authentic flawed characters, tough situations and seeing the best & worst of humanity.

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A new ice age dawns. And there is no escape…

Two years ago, a freak weather event covered the Earth in ice, and temperatures plunged below freezing. Jarred, Fiona, and their fellow survivors thought they had found a safe haven in an underground cave system. But when a series of earthquakes destroys their home, they’re forced to flee their place of refuge…

Jarred and Fiona are determined to keep everyone safe… But the world has only grown more dangerous since the new ice age began. And despite Jarred’s best intentions, his daughter, Hope, struggles against her father’s over-protectiveness.

Jarred and Fiona lead the group south, to what they hope are warmer climes. But even if they can cross the icy rivers, other survivors roam the wilderness. Marauders eager to rob the desperate, a captain determined to take his cut, a warlord who clings to power…

Like it or not, Jarred and the others will have to fight to survive. Or give up hope of ever making it to safety…


What Readers Are Saying


Haley — Reader

“Outstanding read! I’ll start with how much I appreciate the family dynamics. It’s the typical razing that made the book feel real. Then how they hid the stash of food! Very creative of the author. Highly recommend!”

Bob — Reader

“Started reading this book late afternoon and almost finished it when I fell asleep. I finished it the next day. I read a lot and every once in awhile I find a book I don’t want to put down. I treasure those books. This one of those books. Hope a sequel is on its way.”

Reading Wahine — Reader

“A ton of great info! Grace did a great job of writing a suspenseful story. My favorite parts are the Prepper tidbits of information. It can be overwhelming when you first begin to prep. This book just brings home the message that it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.”