Dark Nation


They’re trapped inside a prison when the power goes out…


Molly is determined to get the troubled teens she teaches back on the right path and is convinced a trip to a local prison will show them the consequences of bad behavior. But when an EMP blast knocks out all power across the country, Molly and her five students, along with their former-Marine bus driver, Colton, are locked in with the prisoners with no safe exit.


The guards are little help against clever convicts, and when a riot throws everything into chaos, Molly and Colton must find a way to get to freedom with their charges, even if it means trusting a prisoner who is using them for his own gains.


Prisoners aren’t the only danger in the suddenly powerless world. Escaping the prison may be more dangerous than staying inside as it becomes clear to everyone that the power isn’t coming back, and society is about to crumble.


They survived annihilation. But the real danger has only just begun…

When Molly, Colton, and their group of high school students narrowly escape a field trip gone wrong, they return home to find their town in shambles. An EMP has devastated the world. And life has been reduced to a daily battle for survival….

After a derailed train throws what’s left of the town into chaos, Diego, the father of one of Molly’s students, quickly takes charge. At first, he seems determined to help the survivors and clean up the train’s wreckage. But it soon becomes clear that he has a sinister motive of his own for taking over. And Molly is certain he can’t be trusted…

Things become much worse after a failed attempt by the local police has Diego seizing control and drawing a line in the sand. It isn’t safe for anyone and Molly is ready to head to the woods, but not without all her students. Colton might be the Marine, but she isn’t leaving anyone behind.

Molly will do anything to protect her students. But can she lead them to safety when the entire world has fallen into chaos?


The world is broken. And it can’t be fixed…

Before an EMP blast shattered her world, Molly was a high school English teacher. Now, she’s responsible for keeping five teens, four adults, and a dog safe in a world where the bad guys are out to get them. It’s time to retreat and they head out to her family’s cabin deep in the Maine woods where they can be safe. But when they arrive, it’s clear that someone has been there.

Fixing the cabin may be more than the group was prepared for. Winter is coming and there’s food to gather, wood to chop, they need to find a reliable source of water, and the cabin needs to be winterized. Still, it’s their best chance for survival…

But Molly and her charges can’t hide forever. Diego Cruz wants his daughter back no matter what, and there’s stories that the woods around town are haunted by the bogeyman who is none other than Victor Fox, a former prison guard. Diego wants Jenna back and Victor wants that fugitive Molly is harboring, and they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Molly knows that if they’re going to survive, they need to choose their battles carefully. The old world is gone, and there’s no going back. But if they work together, a new world can rise from the chaos…


An EMP devastated the world. Now life is a brutal battle for survival…

When a powerful EMP blast knocks out power across the country, Molly, former Marine bus driver, Colton, and the five students they’re supervising are trapped inside a prison, surrounded by hardened criminals and with no safe exit. And it doesn’t take long for a riot to throw everything into even more chaos.

Molly and Colton must find a way to escape with their charges, even if it means trusting a prisoner who may be using them for his own secret agenda.

Once outside the prison, they discover that the world is just as dangerous, as local townspeople fight over dwindling supplies and shelter. Molly will do anything to protect her students. But can she lead them to safety as what’s left of the world collapses around them?

Loyalties are tested, new bonds are forged, and survival is a daily battle in a dying world. This boxset contains books 1-3 of the Dark Nation series, a thrilling post-apocalyptic trilogy.


When the entire world collapses, there is no escape…

When an EMP ends life on Earth as she knows it, Deb is lucky enough to fall in with a group of hardworking survivors… or so she thinks. But her good fortune quickly turns into a nightmare, and soon her only goal is to escape. But can she keep herself and her friends from being captured by Mike, and dragged back to his group of human traffickers?

Deb reluctantly takes the mantle of leadership, and it falls to her to make the tough decisions. The harsh terrain and weather are merciless. A single mistake could lead to people getting hurt, or worse. And Mike’s traffickers are a constant threat.

Their only hope of survival may come down to the kindness of others. But Deb has been betrayed before. Is it possible there really are people willing to help?

And can Deb let her guard down enough to trust them?


There’s a thin line between trust and survival…

After an EMP plunged the world into chaos, Deb found herself joining a group of hardworking survivors. At first, she’s grateful not to be alone. But her hopes and dreams soon become a nightmare, when she’s left in charge of a group of runaways, fleeing from Mike, the brutal man who kept them captive.

Mike is determined to reclaim Carol and her baby, and to wreak vengeance on Deb for taking his family away from him.

Meanwhile, Carol’s newfound freedom has come with a dark price… Staying off drugs was easy when she didn’t have access. Now, she finds herself torn between her desire to be a good mother, and the addictive cravings that still haunt her.

When Deb learns that her ex-husband Colton and Carol’s children are nearby, she’s determined to reunite with them, in the hopes that there will be safety in numbers.

But with Mike hot on their tail, safety may be one more fleeting dream…