EMP Aftermath






No power. No law & order. No safety net. The world as everyone knows it is over.

Laurel is stabilizing a patient in the ER when the power goes out. As she struggles to keep her patients alive, she faces an ugly truth—the world as everyone knew it is over. The smart thing to do is run and try to survive, but Laurel refuses to leave her patients behind—least of all her sick mother. There’s only one choice to make. She’ll have to stay and fight.

Bear is done fighting. War and PTSD have cost him everything—his job, his self-respect, and his wife – Laurel. But when he can no longer deny the old world is gone, he gains a new purpose. Laurel is hundreds of miles away from his mountain cabin, but he knows she needs him.

After so long being a lost solider, he finally has something worth fighting for. The highways are clogged with dead cars. Frantic survivors want his truck, his tools, his supplies. He’ll face treachery, desperation, and endless miles of unforgiving wilderness, but he’s going to find his wife. Together, they can survive anything.

He just has to reach her.


escaping chaos


Society falls. Anarchy rises. Courage endures…

Laurel survived the collapse of civilization. In the aftermath of a devastating EMP disaster, she fought to turn Minneha Hospital into a place of refuge. Now, the hospital has become a beacon of hope—but a beacon can attract predators, too.

Predators like Arlo, the brutal leader of a ruthless gang. Desperate to save his dying son, Arlo takes over the hospital and gives Laurel an impossible ultimatum: save his terminally ill boy… Or watch everyone she cares for die.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s husband Bear continues his trek across Minnesota, alone save for an orphaned boy he found along the way, and Bear’s loyal dog, Jessamine. Teaming up with fellow survivors can come with betrayal and almost get you killed. Bear learned that the hard way, as the remnants of society turn to violence and bloodshed in a savage fight for survival.

Bear can take care of himself—but it’s cold, and it’s getting colder, and he has both Trent and Jess to protect, which is hard to do when you’ve been wounded. If he wants to reach Laurel before winter hits, he’ll have to do the unthinkable.

He’ll have to trust someone…

You don’t survive the apocalypse without making a few enemies…

Laurel has found a safe haven at Lone Oak Hospital. But her loved ones are still back at South Minneha, and her mother desperately needs her. Winter has blanketed the city in impenetrable layers of snow making any chance of returning to her hospital on foot almost impossible. Then disaster strikes Lone Oak Hospital and, in order to survive, Laurel must venture out into the harsh Minnesota winter, and risk everything in a world gone dark and cold.

Meanwhile, Bear has reached South Minneha, only to find Laurel gone. As the temperature plummets, he struggles to keep the other survivors from freezing to death in the brutal cold. And when the blizzard finally lets up, he faces a difficult choice: leave now to search for Laurel, or risk being snowed in until spring.

The Minnesota winters are deadly, but they’re not the worst thing out there. Laurel and Bear have made enemies… Savage foes, who hunt them even as they search for each other. And they’re slowly closing in.

A new storm is coming. And Bear and Laurel must unite if they are to have any hope of survival.