EMP: Return of the wild west



Survival of the fittest becomes harsh reality in the blink of an eye.

Greg Healy isn’t fooled. The hunting trip is merely a ploy contrived by his wife and mother to force Greg and his father to end their estrangement. Not even Greg’s teenage daughter or his father’s hunting buddies along for the ride will be enough of a buffer to heal the rift of long-standing resentments. But the helicopter has barely dropped them in the remote Canadian wilderness when they discover their new equipment is dead with no explanation. Now they’ll have to rely on each other and resort to Old West ingenuity to find their way home—before the hunter becomes the hunted.

For seventeen-year-old Darryl Healy, things aren’t much easier on his grandparents’ cattle ranch. Not when his highly intelligent and successful mother keeps hounding him about college applications. But college quickly loses its allure when the lights go out after a cyberattack. Frightening responsibilities fall squarely on Darryl’s unproven shoulders as a power-hungry politician is determined to confiscate the ranch’s resources—by any means necessary.

Danger and death await the Healy family as each group attempts to navigate this terrifying new post-apocalyptic world while the vast wilderness separates them. When deceit arises from within their ranks, they’ll face threats as lethal as the grizzly bears and mountain lions lurking in the shadows.

And in order to survive the nightmare, a deal with the devil might be their only saving grace.

escaping chaos


They’ll face an impossible choice in this new post-apocalyptic reality.

Winter has arrived on the Healys’ Montana ranch. After discovering evidence of the cold-hearted execution of his father, Greg Healy has become consumed with a burning desire for revenge. While he hides his true purpose of scoping out the murderous enemy behind fruitless hunting trips, further responsibility is thrust upon Greg’s teenage son, Darryl. The ranch has become a hollow shell without the calm assurance and steady hand his father once provided, stability Darryl needs more than ever with the shocking secret he keeps.

The fractures in the family only grow as each side becomes entrenched behind resentments that threaten to shatter an increasingly uncertain future. But as the Healy family drifts farther apart, the enemy has been anything but idle. Eustace has amassed a new and lethal force with a single goal: Take the Healys’ ranch by any means necessary and make them pay for permanently disabling him.

And when Eustace kidnaps one of their own, the Healys will face the most difficult choice of all: Sacrifice the ranch or risk the destruction of their family.


They’re entering the storm—and only together will they survive.

Spring is around the corner, and the Healys must again face Canada’s mountainous onslaught to reach the security of the hunting cabin. Though they were forced to give up the family’s ranch to the post-apocalyptic mob, the most important thing to Greg Healy now is that they still have the cattle and the family is all together safe and sound. But just as the end of their grueling trek is within sight, the spring thaw brings unending trouble.

And heartbreaking tragedy.

The burden of leading loved ones falls hard on Darryl Healy’s shoulders as he confronts his most daunting task yet—becoming a father. But the trail is an unforgiving master, not fit for man, woman, or beast, and the cattle have proven time and again to be an irresistible draw to those determined to take everything the Healys have left.

When a vicious new enemy follows in their wake and guns are drawn in the avalanche-prone pass, Darryl is forced to defend and protect his family just as his father and grandfather taught him.

By any means necessary.

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Survival of the fittest becomes harsh reality in the blink of an eye.

After an EMP attack, Greg Healy must safely navigate his daughter and estranged father through the treacherous Canadian wilderness to reunite with those holding down the family’s ranch, where frightening responsibilities have fallen on his son’s seventeen-year-old shoulders. But more than miles separate them in this post-apocalyptic nightmare as shocking secrets come to light and vicious adversaries threaten to tear apart the fractured family.

As the Healys struggle to overcome the distance between them, ruthless enemies amass against the family with one goal—take their resources by any means necessary. The ranch proves time and again to be an irresistible draw in a world governed by Old West vigilantism, forcing the Healys to face the most difficult decision of all.

Sacrifice the ranch or witness the destruction of their family.

This thrilling post-apocalyptic box set includes all three novels in the EMP: Return of the Wild West series:
Survive the Fall
Survive the Attack
Survive the Journey