rising stormsudden catastrophe. No power. Nhope of rescue

A storm looms on the horizon as Ruth Garber and her granddaughter Stella travel by helicopter to an offshore drilling rig. Ruth, a geologist, is there to consult on a software upgrade. Stella, a geology student, just wants to prove herself to her legendary grandmother. They don’t know their trip will soon become a grim struggle to survive…

When the helicopter goes down after dropping them off, they realize they’re in trouble. The platform loses power. Cell phones don’t work. Everything electronic is dead. There are whispers of an EMP attack. Now they’re stranded with a skeleton crew on a steel platform miles from shore, battered by massive waves, the deadly truth of their predicament slowly sinks in.

Meanwhile, John and his son Curtis are in a fishing boat, suddenly adrift when their engine and navigation equipment fails. The waves are getting higher, and the storm has them on a collision course with the rig.

As the castaways on the rig struggle to survive, they discover the back-up generator has been deliberately damaged. Then when people begin to disappear, they come to a grim realization.

Someone in their tiny group is a saboteur—willing to do anything to ensure the lights stay off.

If you like post-apocalyptic fiction with a cast of characters you can really root for, filled with prepper & survival information, compelling action, and with zero profanity, you’ll love No Rescue!

The world is ending. But for the survivors, their ordeal has just begun…

Ruth Garber survived the sabotage of the Mako oil platform as the first wave of EMP attacks crippled the southern United States. Now, she’s stranded on the platform with a handful of people. And violent terrorists are closing in…

A desperate mission.

The EMP strikes keep coming as Ruth and the others leave the platform, embarking on a dangerous voyage across the sea. Their mission: to reach safety on an island and find a way to survive. But when they land on what seems to be a tropical paradise, they soon learn they are not alone. And all is not what it seems.

A world gone dark.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s brother, Ronny, may have discovered the key to stopping AILS, the shadowy organization behind the EMP strikes. Ruth and fisherman John decide to seek him out on the mainland, leaving her granddaughter Stella and the rest of the crew to prepare for an impending attack.

But as civilization decays around them, they quickly learn they’re not the only ones who are fighting to survive…

The world ended. But the final battle has just begun…

The world has grown even more dangerous for the survivors of the EMP strikes that crippled the United States. Ronny is a prisoner of AILS, a terrorist group planning to remake the world to suit their twisted vision. He’ll do whatever it takes to stop them, even if it costs him his life.

Ruth and the others remain on the offshore drilling platform. But AILS has set their sights on the facility, and are coming to take it by force. If their plan succeeds, there will be nowhere left to hide. Fleeing for their lives, the survivors must somehow mount a counter strike, before the terrorist cabal grows even more powerful.

The platform that has been their refuge must be destroyed. But demolishing a drilling rig is no simple task. And as AILS forces close in, a deadly storm looms on the horizon. Surrounded by danger, the survivors must make a final stand to stop these deadly fanatics once and for all.

The fate of humanity—and their own survival—hang in the balance.