Supernova emp series

Only the strong will survive when civilization collapses.

Barnard’s Star, light years away from Earth, went supernova, and now, six years later the influence of that catastrophe is just reaching our planet. When the resultant EMP strikes Earth, the world is sent back to the Stone Age. Yet it soon grows evident there are worse things hidden in the dark matter hurricane. Unbearable headaches strike without warning. Human aggression goes off the charts. Small disagreements become bloodbaths.

Josh Standing took an oath to serve and protect those of their North Carolina community. That didn’t change when he left the police force to become a probation officer. If only his wife understood his drive to rescue tomorrow’s troubled youth. But Maxine’s greatest concern is to ensure their son survives the cancer that has ravaged his body. As their marriage circles the drain, she takes the once promising athlete to face the final pronouncement of the Boston specialists—alone.

But the fractured family has never needed each other more.

In the immediate aftermath of the EMP chaos, the separated Standings decide to make their way toward the family farm in West Virginia. However, getting to Maxine’s prepper parents is no small task in a world that’s swiftly turning into kill or be killed.

And when events threaten to separate them further, Josh is faced with an unthinkable choice in this thrilling post-apocalyptic series.

Prepper survivalist author Grace Hamilton invites you to step into a post-apocalyptic, EMP-ravaged world filled with strong, resourceful characters, survivalist knowledge, and edge-of-your seat action.

They’ll either find salvation or face damnation.

Screams of agony. Cries of terror. The sounds of a dying civilization echo all around Josh Standing as he navigates the aftermath of this new post-apocalyptic world. All traces of modern advancements have been wiped away by the supernova EMP when he washes ashore on the Georgia coast.


And when a psychotic gang takes Josh prisoner, he’s torn between grief and gratitude that his daughter isn’t discovered nearby. Josh swore long ago to serve and protect—and he desperately wants to help the other prisoners—but his daughter needs him, too. If she’s still alive.

Circumstances are only slightly better for Josh’s wife Maxine and their cancer-stricken son as they settle at the family farm in West Virginia. There, they discover Maxine’s beloved mother has been heavily effected with the aftereffects of the supernova, and her battle-hardened father struggling to keep the family together. Even worse, a local militia is targeting the farm for its resources, which causes further dissention in the family over how to handle the attacks.

When the dust from the firefights settle, the choice between duty and family will be the difference in who is left standing.

The truth will be revealed, whether they’re ready or not.

The firefight for the M-Bar’s valuable resources rages on in the post-apocalyptic madness, but the Standings are finally standing together… until secrets that Maxine has tried to keep buried come to light. And when they do, they threaten to severe the last tenuous strands holding the family together.

Reeling from betrayals that cut deeper than flying bullets, Josh Standing follows after his revenge-seeking father-in-law. He doesn’t seem to have much choice, as it seems the Standings are collapsing from within and there isn’t anything that can keep them together.

And then they hear of a new horror: People are being rounded up and systematically slaughtered or enslaved by a single man leading a train of carnage. He’s ruthless, he’s cunning—and now he has Storm Standing, too.

To save her family, Maxine will have to come face-to-face with her past and stand down her worst fears if she has any hope of stopping the man threatening her family.

Before her final secrets become the death of them all.

Adapt or die. There is no other choice.

Black and white no longer exist in a world swirling with shades of gray. To survive the post-apocalyptic nightmare they face, Josh Standing must find a way to stitch his frayed family back together. But with the lives of his wife and kids on the line, Josh must finally face the truth of this new reality—he may not be able to save everyone.

The professor is another story. The man’s only concern is continuing his research, regardless of the cost to those protecting him. However, keeping the intelligent and irritating man alive is vital to the future because he holds the key to a cure that just might counter the dark matter madness.

Maxine Standing won’t let anything come between her and the tiny hope offered for humanity’s brighter future. Sometimes compromise is crucial when civilization collapses, and Maxine will do whatever it takes to follow her husband’s example—even if it means facing a tyrant.

But dark matter isn’t the only hurricane bearing down on the coast as the Standings pursue shelter from the Harbormaster’s crazed reach. Now they have one shot at restoring order to ensure a new tomorrow.

And before the sun rises, someone will make the greatest sacrifice.

This action-packed, post-apocalyptic series is now available in a box set of over 1,500 pages!

When civilization collapses only the strong will survive.

Josh and Maxine Standing’s marriage is circling the drain. But the fractured family of four has never needed each other more than when a supernova EMP strikes Earth and sends humanity back to the Stone Age.

The shrieks of a dying civilization echo all around as they combat the chaos to reach the West Virginian family farm. However, it’s not just a firefight for valuable resources that awaits them when long-festering secrets and betrayals come to light and threaten to permanently tear the Standings apart.

Black and white no longer exist in a post-apocalyptic world swirling with shades of gray, and the Standings must find a way to survive the dark matter hurricane and stitch their frayed family back together. Or face complete annihilation at the hands of a maniacal madman who will do anything—and destroy anyone—in his quest to dominate.

This thrilling post-apocalyptic box set includes all four novels in the Supernova EMP series:
Dark End
Deep End
Bitter End
Final End

Prepper survivalist author Grace Hamilton invites you to step into a post-apocalyptic, EMP-ravaged world filled with strong, resourceful characters, survivalist knowledge, and edge-of-your seat action.