Surviving the End

Family comes first—and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his from the looming storm.

Even before becoming a husband and father, safety had been Shane McDonald’s priority for most of his forty-five years. As a nuclear engineer, it’s his responsibility to keep the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant functioning at optimum levels to avoid what protesters fear most—a meltdown.

But when a coronal mass ejection from the sun wipes out power across the globe, stopping a nuclear chain reaction is no longer his primary concern.

Now Shane must trek across hundreds of miles to ensure the safety of his loved ones in a world rapidly disintegrating into lawlessness. Yet with few functioning automobiles and a blind teenage daughter to protect, it’ll require careful planning to reach his prepper mother-in-law’s and reunite with his family.

His wife has her hands full as well. When her brother’s chemo drip suddenly stops working and her son gets stuck in the hospital elevator, all Jodi McDonald wants is the security of her husband’s steady presence. But with a weakened brother and inexperienced son to look after, Jodi must remain strong amid the chaos and help guide them to her mother’s.

However, even the best laid plans go awry as the miles stretch out between them. Supply thefts run rampant. Those who have necessities prey on those who don’t. Minds broken by hardship kill on sight.

But the fatal mistake comes when thugs threaten the McDonald’s little girl.

Shane must find the strength to do the unthinkable—or watch his family suffer the consequences.

Family is all that matters when friend becomes foe—and the stakes are survival.

The world has become a dangerous place for Shane McDonald and his family since the solar storm wiped out the power grid. Tensions flare when it grows clear the dire situation will be prolonged and most are ill-prepared. Even the friendly small town of his prepper mother-in-law has drawn unwanted attention as word gets around about sharing their supply stores. And strangers begin to infiltrate the once peaceful Georgia community.

All Shane can think about is where his wife and son ended up in all the chaos as the hours stretch into days since they last communicated. Jodi is far too trusting a soul, her desire to help the downtrodden a dangerous commodity among desperate and increasingly hostile citizens.

But Jodi isn’t without resources when push comes to shove. When her son and cancer-stricken brother come under attack, she finds the strength to do what’s necessary to ensure their safety—and inadvertently draws the attention of a menacing gang.

Now they must stay one step ahead of their pursuers in a race to reunite with family.

Before all hell rains down on them.

They’ll protect what’s theirs—or die trying.

The McDonald clan have learned their lessons the hard way these last months. Shane and Jodi finally realize they must keep their reunited family close and protect their own above all others to survive in this new post-apocalyptic reality. The repairs on the home are complete, solar panels installed, and the now operational pump means they won’t have to continue collecting rainwater for the foreseeable future.

But it’s no longer just outsiders wreaking havoc on the small Georgia town, as unprepared townsfolk learn of their hard-earned stores—and threaten to take their prepper supplies by force.

To stem the mayor’s confiscation plans and keep the angry hordes at bay, the McDonalds’ blind teenaged daughter spearheads a community garden project to teach the citizens how to survive the coming lean years. But word travels fast when there are too many hungry mouths to feed.

And the gang that has long menaced the McDonalds comes looking to exact their pound of flesh.

When loved ones get caught in the crossfire, Shane and company won’t hold back against an enemy that threatens to take everything they have left.

Or kill those they hold dear.

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The apocalypse is over. But the struggle for survival has only just begun…

A hard-won peace has been earned by the McDonald family’s Georgia settlement, Hickory Falls. The rural community offers shelter, food, and safety. At least for now…

But in the aftermath of the solar flare, and the fall of the old world, danger takes many forms. It begins with a drought that threatens crops. Then a flood of refugees arrives, driven from their homes by a raging wildfire. They’ve lost everything, and the inferno is spreading.

Taking in the dispossessed means more mouths to feed—but it also means willing hands to do vital work. And one refugee in particular has valuable skills. Greyson was a firefighter, and he’s got a plan to make Hickory Falls safe from the encroaching fire.

But there’s something a little off about the man. Beth, the McDonald matriarch, doesn’t trust him—though she can’t say why. But, like it or not, he’s part of the community now.

Will his preparations save Hickory Falls? Or plunge the community into fiery doom…

Trust is the first casualty of war…

Disaster has struck the McDonald family. Everything they’ve built since the fall of civilization has been destroyed by a devastating fire. They’ve lost their community, supplies, and even loved ones. The death of Mike and James hits hardest of all. The other survivors are scattered. There’s nothing left.

All that remains is the indomitable will to survive. Jodi is lucky enough to have several family members survive the fire as they take to the road to find their new home.

In this harsh new world, other survivors are often the greatest threat and trust must be earned. But the dangers of traveling America after the EMP force their hand. The missionaries of Helios seem to have good intentions and offer the weary group safe refuge in their enclave.

But Jodi’s unease grows as they move farther from the burned village, and the missionaries reveal their zealous ideology. Soon, Jodi will discover just how far the missionaries will go to control their new guests.

And by that time, it may be too late to escape ….

In a world gone mad, one family will do anything to keep each other safe…

Jodi McDonald and her family have escaped from the Helios cult. But their freedom has come at a heavy price. Now, grief-stricken and fractured, they are once again on the road. As they search for a new sanctuary, Jodi is driven by one need above all others: to protect her family at all costs.

Every person has their breaking point, and Owen McDonald has reached his. To cope with unbearable loss, he fixates on finding a new home—a fresh start. But his obsession with reaching the coast could have deadly consequences. And as his actions become ever more extreme, Jodi’s family must contend with his descent into madness.

The McDonalds have learned to be wary of outsiders. But this time, danger comes from within. And the greatest threat to the family might be Owen himself.

When society collapses, one family will do whatever it takes to stay together…

Shane McDonald is working at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant when a solar storm wipes out the grid. He’s desperate to reach his family, but they’re hundreds of miles away, and the world is falling apart around him. With a blind daughter to protect, finding his way back to his loved ones will be a dangerous journey, across treacherous terrain.

Jodi McDonald gathers her brother and son and heads for her prepper mother’s house in rural Georgia. There, the family braces for the coming nightmare. Unprepared townspeople want to steal their supplies. A vicious gang wants revenge. All the McDonalds want is to be left alone—but peace won’t come without a fight.

When drought and fire drive them from their refuge, the McDonalds must take to the road. Battered by grief and hardship, they must rely on each other to survive. But the greatest danger of all might come from within the family itself …