Riley Miller

Riley Miller lives in Alaska, so you might understand why she dreams of natural disasters whilst living on the edge of the world. In fact, she thinks it is her upbringing in Alaska that has really shaped who she is. Overly aware of our inextricable connection to the environment, she felt she should always be ready for the inevitable shift. This was something instilled in her by her parents, who taught her how to live off the land, and she particularly loved learning about plants and their medicinal qualities. She, in turn, passed on these lessons to her own children, along with some light prepping for any potential disasters like the snow storms that frequent their state.

The Covid crisis really opened her eyes to the true possibility of a massive crisis hitting home, and it sparked her creative imagination. She wanted to explore further how different people react in crises and she found that writing allowed her to do this. Inspired by some of her favourite authors like Grace Hamilton, Stephen King, and Kyla Stone, Riley uses her Alaskan upbringing along with her personal prepper knowledge to dive head first into a disaster story and figure out how to survive.

It’s not all about survival for Riley though! She also loves to cook and do crafts like sewing and quilting. She spends her weekends gardening with her husband and enjoys reading and the occasional binge watching of a great new series. She’s especially excited about her soon-to-be role as Grandmother.


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Riley Miller

Riley’s Novels

A storm like no other plunges the world into chaos…

When an egotistical billionaire’s plan to solve climate change goes horribly wrong, it unleashes a catastrophe with devastating consequences.

Widowed boat tour operator, Kelly Walker, is determined to escape from Florida with her family before the flood waters rise and life as she knows it disappears.

But when disaster strikes her son, Jackson, is missing. She’ll do anything to find him. But as brutal winds and power failures accompany the floodwaters, she fears she may already be too late.

Her landscaper brother-in-law, Eddie, must also brave the maelstrom to find his daughter—promising to meet back up with Kelly at a bug-out location. But the rising water is not the only danger. Vicious gangs revel in the chaos, ready to take advantage of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Kelly’s dreams of a haven high up at her parents’ retired service dog sanctuary in the Smoky Mountains are dashed, as a deadly plague sweeps the world. And she quickly realizes that their ordeal is only just beginning. A new storm is coming.

Can the two of them reunite their family, as the world descends into madness?

Endless Winter

A brutal new Ice Age covers the Earth…

When an experiment to reverse climate change goes disastrously wrong, Jarred and his daughter Hope are forced to head south in search of warmth. This man-made eternal winter shows no signs of stopping, and with temperatures continuing to plummet, fears of a new ice age drive survivors into a panic.

Jarred and Hope don’t have the wilderness skills needed to survive this disaster. But when their car spins out of control, they’re forced to fend for themselves in the ruthless and unforgiving forest surrounding them. And as they journey through the snow-swept wilderness, they slowly discover they are not alone…

Survivalist Fiona knows how to deal with a harsh winter on her own, but this new world is deadly. She’s got a cabin stockpiled, and is all alone until she runs across Benjy, a forest ranger who’s ready to help, but has his own reasons for staying with her.

Civilization is crumbling. There’s no electricity. The cold is getting worse, and resources are scarce. To survive, Jarred and Hope will have to find allies they can trust, and push themselves harder than they ever imagined. Because even a moment’s weakness in this harsh icy wasteland can mean only one thing.

Freezing to death in the merciless cold…