Island Refuge EMP Series



No power, no electronics, no way out.

When the world descends into anarchy on an idyllic island, who will survive?

Tech-savvy Elna is determined to bring her family’s vineyard into the twenty-first century. Located on its own private island, Elna hopes her resourcefulness will finally earn her father’s respect and keep visitors flocking to their idyllic retreat.

But her ambitions are shattered when a catastrophic EMP attack descends on North America. With only a brief warning before the missile strikes, Elna and her father soon realize they are marooned on their island with a group of unusual guests.

With no power, electricity and little chance of reaching the mainland, life in paradise quickly sours. Food and water is growing scarce; they have no access to medical supplies; and they have no idea what’s happening in the world outside of their island vineyard.

They must find a way to unify as a group—fast. But when an unexpected assailant threatens their lives, Elna’s father goes missing, and another guest is gravely injured, Elna’s wits are put to the test.

A journey to the mainland won’t be easy, and even if they make it there’s no way of knowing what dangers could lie in store for them. But staying on the island is becoming less viable with every passing day. In a world where law and reason have descended into post-apocalyptic anarchy, survival of the fittest reigns supreme…

escaping chaos


When the lines between friend and foe are blurred, life and death hang in the balance.

Life at the Pasqualee island vineyard has settled into a new normal after the EMP attack. Cut off from the dangerous mainland, Elna has succeeded in securing the small group’s basic necessities in their new post-apocalyptic world. The island’s become, if not exactly a paradise, at least a safe and secure shelter where they can ride out the devastation for the foreseeable future.
Until a vicious fall storm sends newcomers careening onto their shores.

The sailor and his young son were on their way north to an experimental clinic for vital medication when the storm blew their sailboat off course. They need to make repairs and try again to reach it or the gravely ill boy will die. When Elna discovers her father has run out of heart medication, she volunteers to join the small group and set sail with the frantic sailor in his weakened son’s stead.

Yet the way is treacherous by both land and sea. When the sailors are forced to abandon the boat far from their destination, their travels inland are impeded by injury—until a Good Samaritan volunteers to help protect and guide them safely to the clinic.

But safety is out of the question when the valuable goods they hoped to trade for medicines are discovered, and it becomes a deadly fight to claim them. Now it’s a race to reach the facility before more lives are threatened. And time runs out.

Expect edge-of-your-seat dystopian drama in book 3 of Grace Hamilton’s post-apocalyptic series.

The time has come to pick a side and choose between bad or worse.

Gathered on the shores of the Pasqualee vineyard island, Elna and a small group of EMP-attack survivors are anticipating a military ambush. From a distance, armed soldiers are attempting to cross the drawbridges that connect their safe retreat to the grim horrors of the new world on the mainland.

What they don’t yet realize is that this uninvited group of fighters is under attack themselves – from the dangerous paramilitary unit led by Elna’s rogue ex-boyfriend. When the battle-worn Marines finally make the crossing, they ask more questions than they’re willing to answer, leaving the island inhabitants questioning whether they can trust the unwelcome visitors.

Until their true purpose is uncovered… and Elna and her father discover that their island is hiding more secrets than they could ever have imagined.

As they come to terms with the revelations about their home, a new band of mercenaries descends upon them with the sole purpose of destroying their vineyard’s secret, so that chaos can rein free.

Now the fight is no longer about the endurance of just the Pasqualee group. Elna, along with faithful Malin and the original survivors, must protect the island. The future of America depends on it.

The action-packed, post-apocalyptic series now available in a box set of over 1,200 pages!

The lines between friend and foe are blurred when America comes under attack.

Elna Pasqualee’s plans to bring her family’s California island vineyard into the twenty-first century are dashed with the EMP strike. Broadcasts offer only a brief warning for the Pasqualees and their guests before missiles wipe out all power and communications across North America. Cut off from the mainland, Elna struggles to secure a reliable fresh water source for the island’s inhabitants in this terrifying new reality.

But they soon discover those on the mainland are facing dangerous trouble of their own.

Even with distressing deprivation, remaining trapped on the island becomes a blessing in disguise when Elna’s ex-boyfriend raises a vicious paramilitary horde determined to cross the shark-infested channel and conquer the island vineyard for its bounty.

But if the island falls into the wrong hands, the secrets it holds will be destroyed—spelling the end for America.

This thrilling post-apocalyptic box set includes all three novels in the Island Refuge EMP series:
Escaping Conflict
Escaping Chaos
Escaping Capture

Prepper survivalist author Grace Hamilton invites you to step into a post-apocalyptic, EMP-ravaged world filled with strong, resourceful characters, survivalist knowledge, and edge-of-your seat action.